Nestled in the heart of Southwest Florida’s Lee County, the City of Bonita Springs is abuzz with excitement as it welcomes its first-ever food truck park – Rooftop at Riverside. This innovative and vibrant culinary hub promises a unique dining experience, showcasing a variety of cuisines and providing a great place for locals and visitors alike to gather and enjoy delicious food, a rooftop bar, and delightful entertainment.

If you’re looking for an alternative to the fancy and expensive SWFL restaurant scene, then you’ve got to check out Rooftop at Riverside. As a foodie and lover of fun things to do in SWFL, I can honestly say that this is some of the best food in the area and at some of the best prices! I was amazed at the affordable prices on each menu- including the handcrafted cocktails!

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Where to eat in Bonita Springs Rooftop at Riverside Food Truck Park

A local hangout developed by a local family

Rooftop at Riverside is the brainchild of Chris Magnus, a visionary entrepreneur and Bonita Springs native. Recognizing the need for a family-friendly entertainment venue, Magnus and the Magnus family have worked tirelessly to create the city’s first food truck park. It’s refreshing to see such an innovative concept developed by a local family with deep ties to SWFL. The family is deeply involved in the Bonita Springs community.

Where to eat in Bonita Springs Rooftop at Riverside

The drink scene at Rooftop at Riverside

This extraordinary food truck haven offers more than amazing food. It also boasts a two-story bar, complete with a rooftop bar providing patrons with a great view of Riverside Park and the Gulf of Mexico. The upper deck offers a perfect place to unwind, sip on delicious cocktails, and enjoy the beautiful Florida atmosphere.

There are 8 signature cocktails that can only be found at the Rooftop at Riverside. A few of the drinks even have house made spirits in them! We love how each drink is specially named as an homage to the rich history of Bonita Springs:

  • “Calusa Breeze” Pina Colada – a tribute to the native people who are stewards of our estuaries
  • “Grandma Mollie” Old Fashioned- in honor of one of the first homesteaders in Bonita Springs
  • “Belle Myers” Gin Cooler- named after the ferry that brough visitors to the Shangri-La
  • “Banyan Burst” Watermelon Jalapeno Cooler- in honor of the regal Banyan Tree on on Reynold’s that was planted in 1921
  • “The Sippy” Margarita- -named after the special spot where the swamp buggies would race
  • “Piper’s Haven” Rum Punch- a tribute to the brother’s who opened what is now known as the Everglade’s Wonder Gardens
  • “The Rose Dome” Pomegranate Paloma- in honor of The Dome, crowned with an orange-painted dome roof, that once stood as the original Shell Factory
  • “Dolly’s” Mango Faux-Jito- an Alcohol Free drink for you to raise a glass in honor of Dolly’s restuarant
Drinks at the Rooftop at Riverside in Bonita Springs

What food trucks can you find at Rooftop at Riverside?

Rooftop at Riverside features 6 different food trucks, each operated by talented food truck operators handpicked to ensure a high standard of quality and variety. The food truck lineup caters to every taste bud, promising an exceptional dining experience for the Bonita Springs community.

Zoey's pizza food truck at Rooftop at Riverside

I got the chance to try something from every food truck, and I can honestly say that all of them are amazing. The food at Rooftop at Riverside will have you coming back again and again because you are going to want to try everything on the menu!

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Designed with families in mind (complete with plenty of bathrooms), Rooftop at Riverside encourages family nights with its diverse offerings. The second floor, with its family dining area, adds to the heartbeat downtown, making it the perfect place for a night out with loved ones.

Butcher's Blvd Food Truck at Rooftop at Riverside

Where to find Rooftop at Riverside

Situated on Reynolds Street, just off Bonita Beach Road, Rooftop at Riverside is conveniently located near Imperial River and Bayshore Drive. Its strategic location ensures easy access for both locals and those coming from Fort Myers, East Naples, and even Sanibel Island, making it a central hub for the entire Southwest Florida region.

As Rooftop at Riverside emerges as a new concept in Bonita Springs’ dining scene, it promises an unforgettable celebration of food, family, and entertainment. This food truck park is not only a feast for the taste buds but also a feast for the eyes. Rooftop at Riverside is set to become the go-to destination for those seeking a delicious culinary adventure in the heart of Southwest Florida.

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