When I first started looking for a CSA program near Naples, the internet let me down. I Googled all the keywords related to Naples, Southwest Florida, and Community Supported Agriculture. What I found was a lot of outdated websites with a list of several failed CSA programs in my area. Even the Florida Department of Agriculture website has outdated information.

It took years of living in Naples and getting to know people to find that we do indeed have several CSA programs. My goal with the Naples Locavore category of my website is to help guide people like me towards the best local food producers here in SWFL.

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SWFL CSA Programs

What is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is crop sharing system between farmers and the community. CSA members pledge financial support to a farm at the beginning of a growing season and receive a share of the farm’s production throughout the season at no additional cost.

CSA programs come with pros and cons. There is a risk that the farm may not produce a large crop. If that happens, the CSA members miss out on a large share. At the same time, there are pros. If the farm produces well, then the CSA members may go home each week with a large share of produce.

Luckily for us, both CSA programs here in Naples are established farms with guaranteed amounts of produce each week.

Personally, I’ve found that a CSA is a beautiful way to be a part of a farm without actually doing the work. I don’t have the knowledge, time, or land to farm on my own, but I do have some “seed money” to help farmers keep their businesses running. I love becoming a “member” of a CSA and feeling like I am part of the farm family.

Southwest Florida CSA Programs for 2022/2023

There are currently two well established true CSA programs here in Southwest Florida: Inyoni Organic Farm located in Naples, and Farmer Mike’s located in Bonita Springs. Both are fabulous options with somewhat different offerings to fit different needs.

Inyoni Organic Farm CSA Program in Naples, FL

  • 960 Deer Run Lane, Naples, FL 34120
  • Organically grown produce
  • 20 week program from November 12th through March 25th
  • Half share -$300
  • Full share- $600
  • Choose from “member’s choice” or “farmer’s choice”
    • Member’s choice is $15/ $30 of credits to spend each week at the market
    • Farmer’s choice is $15/ $30 worth of produce selected for you by Farmer Nick
  • 5 pickup locations
    • Wed @ Marco Island Farmer’s Market & Bonita Shores Club
    • Sat @ 3rd Street Naples, Vanderbilt, or on the Inyoni Farm
    • Learn more here
Inyoni Organic Farm CSA Program

Farmer Mike’s U-Pick CSA Program in Bonita Springs, FL

  • 26031 Morton Ave. Bonita Springs, FL 34135
  • Non-GMO/ Regenerative & sustainable farming practices
  • 23 week program from November 16th through April 26th
  • Half share (6 items + bouquet) pickup- $405 | delivery-$635
  • Full share(12 items + bouquet) pickup- $810 | delivery- $1040
  • 10% off all additional items in farm store
  • 20% off u-pick items on farm
  • Family 4 pack of tickets to the annual Fall Festival and Corn Maze
  • Learn more here
Farmer Mike's U-Pick CSA Program

Eat local!

Local produce is fresher and typically is allowed to ripen in the field longer since the journey to your house is shorter. Most traditional produce gets picked before ripening and then ripens during transportation to grocery stores. Produce allowed to ripen naturally just tastes better. And is usually more nutrient dense!

If you are looking to eat local, but don’t want to participate in a CSA, try some of the other local farms listed in this post.

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